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‘Pokémon Sun And Moon’ Tips & Tricks: How To Evolve All Alolan Pokémon

The launch of the “Pokémon Sun” and “Pokémon Moon” games saw the introduction of a unique type of Pokémon to fans of the franchise. This new type is called Alola Form and only concerns a few of the already existing Pokémon in the franchise .To be exact, an Alola Form is a modified version of an existing Pokémon.

Alolan Pokémon, just like ordinary Pokémon, can be caught in the Alola region through battles. However, there are specific things Trainers should do and requirements they should meet inorder for them to activate Alolan evolutions of pre-evolved forms.

All in all, there are only 14 Alolan Pokémon in “Pokémon Sun and Moon.” Eleven of which are evolved forms of either pre-evolved Alolan Pokémon or first-generation monsters. For players of the Nintendo 3DS titles who have yet to have any of the evolved Alolan Pokémon, GearNuke released a simple guide on how to obtain all of them. Check it out below.

  • For Alolan Exeggutor, since there is no Alola Form of pre-evolved form Exeggcute, Trainers can only obtained the Alolan evolved form by using a Leaf Stone. Using the stone on the normal pre-evolved monster will transform it into the long-necked Alola form. 

Alolan Exeggutor Alolan Exeggutor Photo: Pokemon-SunMoon

  • Another Alola From is Alolan Dugtrio. Unlike Alolan Exeggutor, its pre-evolved form has an Alolan version called Alolan Diglett. To evolve the latter, one should make it reach level 26. Only than can Alolan Dugtrio with its fancy golden locks be obtained.

Alolan Dugtrio Alolan Dugtrio Photo: Pokemon-SunMoon

  • “Pokémon Sun and Moon” has Alolan Geodude, so it is not surprising that there are Alolan Graveler and Alolan Golem in the games. For Alolan Graveler, one should level up Alolan Geodude to level 25. On the other hand, Alolan Golem is a special case. The Trainer should first trade Alolan Graveler to a friend, so it can automatically transform into Alolan Golem. Once the transformation is done, the Trainer can ask his or her friend to trade it back.

Alolan Graveler Alolan Graveler Photo: Pokemon-SunMoon

Alolan Golem Alolan Golem Photo: Pokemon-SunMoon

  • Alolan Marowak is similar to Alolan Exeggutor. Since Cubone does not have an Alola Form, the player can obtain Alolan Marowak by leveling up regular Cubone. It does not require a special stone to evolve. The player should simply level it up to level 28 during the night period in the games.

Alolan Marowak Alolan Marowak Photo: Pokemon-SunMoon

Since Sludge Pokémon Alolan Muk ’s pre-evolved form also has an Alola Form, the former is easy to obtain. The Trainer should level up Alolan Grimer to level 38, so the Poison/Dark-type creature evolves to its bigger and more colorful brother.

Alolan Muk Alolan Muk Photo: Pokemon-SunMoon

Alolan Ninetales is another Pokémon that requires a special type of stone to evolve. Once the player has obtained an Ice Stone, he or she can use it on the Ice-type Alolan Vulpix to turn it into the Ice/Fairy-type Alolan Ninetales.

Alolan Ninetales Alolan Ninetales Photo: Pokemon-SunMoon

Then, there’s Alolan Persian, the evolved form of the cunning Scratch Cat Pokémon called Alolan Meowth. Evolving Alolan Meowth is a bit tricky. Since this version of Meowth is used to living the luxurious life with the royal family, it requires a lot of pampering and special treatment before it can change into Alolan Persian. Taking care of Alolan Meowth by feeding it and playing with it increases its happiness level. When its happiness reaches a high point, it can transform into its Classy Cat evolved form.

Alolan Persian Alolan Persian Photo: Pokemon-SunMoon

Similar to Alolan Persian, Alolan Raichu can only be obtained by treating its pre-evolved form well. Partying, playing and feeding a regular Pikachu will help in increasing its happiness level. When the happiness level is high, the Trainer should use the Thunder Stone to transform Pikachu into Alolan Raichu.

Alolan Raichu Alolan Raichu Photo: Pokemon-SunMoon

According to the official “Pokémon Sun and Moon”website, there are many gluttonous Dark/Normal-type Mouse Pokémon in Alola Region’s urban areas. When one catches an Alolan Rattata, it’s easy to evolve it into Alolan Raticate. All it takes is leveling up the pre-evolved form to level 20.

Alolan Raticate Alolan Raticate Photo: Pokemon-SunMoon

Finally, there’s Alolan Sandslash. This Pokémon also requires the Ice Stone to evolve. First, the player should look for Alolan Sandshrew in the snowy mountains of Alola Region. Due to volcanic eruptions, the regular Sandshrew migrated to the snowy mountains which led to their transformation into the Ice-Steel-type Alolan Sandshrew. When the player already has an Alolan Sandshrew, changing it into Alolan Sandslash is quite easy with the help of an Ice Stone.

Alolan Sandslash Pokemon-SunMoon

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